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    JLU School of Law Wins the Third Prize in the First FDI Moot Court (China)

    SOURCE :     TIME: 2020-11-03

    Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) held the first Foreign Direct Investment Moot Court (FDI Moot Shenzhen) on October 16-18. The competition was co-organized by JT&N Law Firm. It is the first time that FDI Moot Court is introduced to China. Nearly 200 students from 29 teams including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and other universities participated in the competition; 34 well-known experts and scholars from 8 countries (regions), including Yuan Guoqiang, former Hong Kong Secretary for Justice and senior barrister, Professor Mark Feldman of international law, and Yang Guohua, vice president of China Law Society Research Institute of World Trade Organization Law. After intense competition, JLU team won the third prize. Li Lan, a partner of JT&N Law Firm, awarded the prize to the team.

    Doctoral student majoring in international law, Fan Bingyi, served as the team leader and student coach; Doctoral student from the National Institute of Security and Development, Zhang Xinping, also takes the position as student coach. Team members consist of Sun Xinwei and Qiu Shuihan, who are graduate students in international law; undergraduate students Sun Yanqing, Zhang Yan and Hu Chenxi. Since its establishment, JLU team has carried out careful preparation for four months with the combination of three-month online training and one-month offline training. In the contest, JLU team competed against North China University of Science and Technology and Renmin University of China. The arbitral tribunal approved JLU team’s argument regarding the case, and also put forward valuable suggestions. JLU team will learn from past experiences and strive to achieve new success in the global competition in early November.